Pro Cloud Server 4.2 BETA
This latest release of the Pro Cloud Server introduces some of the most requested functionality and continues the ongoing streamlining of configuration tasks.

Please note that this is a beta version which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. The software and all content are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Sparx Systems does not give any warranties, whether express or implied.

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Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review. WebEA, hosted on Pro Cloud Server, complements Enterprise Architect by providing a real-time view of project content, anywhere, anytime...


Pro Cloud Server

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server (previously called Cloud Services) is a additional supporting product to Enterprise Architect, it provides a convenient mechanism for hosting models and gives easy access to people within your team, and optionally to external customers and consultants anywhere around the world without them needing to install additional drivers.

All editions of Enterprise Architect are capable of connecting to 'Cloud' based models, the only limitation is that the Professional edition is restricted to connecting to Firebird based cloud repositories.

The 'Pro Cloud Server' application is a free download for all Enterprise Architect users, however in its initial state, certain extended functionality will be disabled. The extended functionality, like WebEA, Integration Plugins and an integrated Floating License Server can be enabled by purchasing a Pro Cloud Server license.

What is the Pro Cloud Server?

The Pro Cloud Server is a standard Microsoft Windows Service, that manages a pool of database connections for each defined repository. It is designed to run on your hardware, so that you have full control of how it is configured and who has access to it and more importantly your data remains totally in your control.

What the Pro Cloud Server is NOT!

Some companies sell subscription based 'Services' in the Cloud that allow customers to have their infrastructure hosted and be available to anyone in the world. The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server is not this type of product, so don't let the name confuse you.
The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server application is provided FREE of charge to Registered Users of Enterprise Architect.
For more information please refer to the following resources:

  • Introduce the Pro Cloud Server: Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the Pro Cloud Server and benefits that it offers
  • Help Guide: The Enterprise Architect User Guide contains a comprehensive description of the Pro Cloud Server
  • Live Demo: Connect to one of our 3 Pro Cloud Server, evaluate its performance and how easy an end user can connect to them
  • Download the Pro Cloud Server: Access the Registered User download page to obtain the Pro Cloud Server installer

Historical products replaced by the Pro Cloud Server:

Cloud Services
WAN Optimizer


The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review.