This edition has been revised and adapted to EA version 15. Most of the functions described can also be used with older EA versions. The menu items may be in a different position or have a different name. In our blog ( you will find articles with further information on translation tables between the different EA versions.

In this book, a distinction has been made between configurations and examples. A new icon for the configuration has been introduced for this. See chapter Conventions on page v. The individual exercise examples are now numbered to make it easier to exchange information about the examples they contain. The book’s index has also been completely revised to make it easy to look up and find the most important topics and terms. In addition to the index in the book, there is also an electronic online search in the book, which enables a full-text search in the book.
You can find the book search at:
Table of Content his here: TOC

In addition to these additions, we have retained the current structure of the book. EA-specific topics, modeling languages and methods are marked separately. To do justice to the title "Compendium", the individual topics are described as independent information units in order to present the information briefly and concisely to the interested reader. The structure of the individual chapters is designed so that both serial reading of all chapters and specific reading of individual chapters is possible. References to other chapters help to read up missing knowledge.
Important points to be remembered have been summarized and marked. There are practical examples for almost every topic to understand. Since there is not just one truth and personal preferences often play a role, we did not want to withhold this from you and have enriched the book with comments from various people.

The title of the book is Compendium on Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems, but also looks outside the box of Enterprise Architect and looks at approaches, methods and expansion options that the EA does not offer or not in the form, but which can be implemented with the EA. You will learn how to use the EA as your modeling platform and how to integrate the EA into your tool chain. The goal should be that the EA becomes your tool and supports your approach and processes in order to be able to implement your modeling approach.

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