WebEA's interface is now split into three main tabs:

  • The Model Tab, for browsing the model content.
  • The Collaborate tab for accessing collaborative features such as Discussions, Mail and Chat.
  • The Search tab, for custom searches and predefined watchlists.

This new tabbed layout allows you to quickly switch between tabs; responding to model chat, or performing a model search, without losing your place in the model.

Navigation Breadcrumb

WebEA's model navigation bar now include a breadcrumb of the current objects location. This provides quick and easy access to parent packages and objects. Combined with WebEA's browser this allows efficient navigation of your model content.

Enhanced Search and Watchlist

WebEA's Search and Watchlist results now provide a properties panel along side the list of results. This allows you to easily browse the results from directly within the search tab, or you can use the 'Find In Model' button jump to the object within the model.


Properties View Enhancements

WebEA's Properties View now has a number of configuration options allowing you to display only the information need. Discussions and Notes editing can also now be accessed directly from the Properties View.

  • Display multiple features at once
  • Change the order which features appear in
  • Either show or hide empty sections
  • Configuration can be changed quickly and easily
  • Configuration is preserved between sessions
  • Discussions and Notes editing are accessible directly from the Properties View


Enterprise Architect's Model Mail is now available from within WebEA, allowing you to easily check and reply to messages even when out of the office.
Model Mail Inbox

  • View, Send and Reply to messages from within WebEA
  • Three different Preview settings are available
  • The Model Mail interface scales down to be fully functional on mobile devices
  • As with many WebEA features, Model Mail is optional and can be turned on or off in the WebEA configuration


WebEA's main element properties now supports display of DMN Decisions tables. This includes tables using 'Rule as a Row', 'Rule as a Column', or the new 'Rule as Crosstab' layout introduced in EA 15.2.

WebEA's search, object creation and editing features have all been streamlined, making them more efficient and intuitive.


Custom Search

  •  The custom search settings are now preserved between searches (and between sessions, using browser cookies)
  •  Searches which find no results will immediately return focus back to the Search Term field
  •  The search now uses a modal dialog, allowing you to easily close the search and return to the page you were on

Object Creation and Editing

  • When adding objects, selections are preserved, allow you to quickly create multiple objects of the same type
  • After editing, only the relevant section of the page is updated, allowing you to make updates without losing your place in a diagram or list of properties
  • Object creation and editing features now all use modal dialogs