The latest version of Enterprise Architect is: Version Build .

Notice: In case of an update of your full Version, please use Downloadpage for registered users. To access this page you will need valid login credentials, provided in the license mail. If the Login Credentials are no longer valid, will be a renewal neccessary. Further Informations are here

Try whichever edition suits you!
When you start Enterprise Architect Trial you will be asked whether you wish to use Professional, Corporate, Unified or Ultimate mode - allowing you to find the right Enterprise Architect edition for you. If 30 days are to short for the evaluation, please request by E-Mail a Trial Key expansion.

Note: When printing documents with the trial version an Enterprise Architect watermark is visible. Purchasing the full version will remove this watermark.

Start working right away.
This trial version has all of the great features of the registered versions. Any models you create with the trial version are fully compatible with registered versions if you later decide to purchase.

We offer plenty of user-friendly options that help make it as easy as possible for you to get started with Enterprise Architect.