How SparxSystems handles your data:
When ordering, we need a company address and an email address to assign the license to a user. This data is stored in our ERP and reported to Sparx Systems Pty or, in the case of 3rd Party Tools, to the manufacturer. This mail address is used for product specific information such as new release or maintenance expiration.
This mail adress can be a generic one, e.g.: There is no need for you to hand us any personal data.

Enterprise Architect, Keystore Service, Pro Cloud Server or Prolaborate
The software, as well as the data, is installed on your infrastructure (in-house, data center, cloud), there is no connection or access by the respective manufacturers.

When using EA, Active Directory or OpenID Connect can be used.
The repository is used in a DBMS of your choice with the appropriate security mechanisms.

If an extract of the data is required for support, the data can be obfuscated beforehand.
In consulting or training situations an NDA can be completed.