MDG Technology for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

BPMN is a language for modeling business processes. BPMN models resemble a flowchart, comparable to UML activity diagrams. However, the language is adapted to the needs of business users so that it can be understood by employees in the specialist department as well as by employees in development and the people who later want to apply and live these business processes.

BPMN MDG Technology enables the modeling of BPMN in Enterprise Architect
The BPMN add-in for Enterprise Architect allows the use of the full language range of BPMN in Enterprise Architect. This allows you to define your business processes in a standardized language.

Distributed use of models across the organization
Modelers from the field of business process modeling and software modeling can now both use the strengths of Enterprise Architect and BPMN. Everyone in the team uses the same tool to do this. This improves communication and productivity throughout the company.

Validation of BPMN models
As an additional support, BPMN models can be validated using a set of rules and restrictions.

From version 7.0 of Enterprise Architect, MDG Technology for BPMN is included in the setup file.
From version 7.5 of Enterprise Architect, BPMN version 1.1 including core graphic elements and BPMN-based model validation is supported.
From version 9.0 of Enterprise Architect, BPMN version 2.0 is supported.

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