A tool is only as good as the craftsman who's using it.

Our training corresponds to the highest of requirements. Our experienced coaches are professionals and specialists in their area and successfully use Enterprise Architect in the field. Let us help to share our knowledge with you. Over 6500 participants benefit from our training day for day. An extract of our references.

Target group

Everyone involved in the development of information technology (project managers, system designers or developers), and everyone interested in getting acquainted with the advantages of object orientation in both programming and design to simplify analysis as well as design and development.  


Basic comprehension of CASE-Tools and their functionality as well as the fundamental knowledge concerning the concepts of object-oriented programming would be helpful.

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For the efficient company-wide implementation of UML and Enterprise Architect, SparxSystems offers consulting and training courses at your facility.
The proper, standards-conforming use of UML notation are learned, including the essentials of goal-setting for a solutions-oriented approach as opposed to a goal/effect-oriented approach. Depending on the composition/role allocation (project leaders, process analysts, developers, testers, designers, architects, etc.) of the participants, specific diagram types are presented in a succinct manner while others are covered more thoroughly in a workshop setting. A preparatory meeting ensures proper focus and, where applicable, coordination concerning changes in duration.

To ensure the appropriate dosage of material, proper handling individual participant requests and a common level of know-how when the training course is over, the past years have shown that a class size of 5-7 participants is ideal.

Only within this framework can the instructor adequately respond to each individual participant, while the participants have enough time to ask their specific questions. The benefit to our customers can be seen in better results, more in-line with an efficient internal investment. The consulting costs are significantly lower than that of, for example, a group of 14 participants that have invested 28 man days in a 2-day training seminar but couldn’t meet the intended goals.

If you have a group of more than 10 participants, break it up according to areas of application (project leader, developer,..) or according to levels of experience.The more homogenous the group is at the starting point, the greater the sum total of successful learning experiences will be. We’re happy to work with you to find an appropriate training course schedule for your company.