The Floating License Server provides a mechanism to allocate and share Enterprise Architect and other Sparx System Product licenses between multiple users. Licenses are only allocated to users when they open Enterprise Architect, once the application is closed the license is released back into the pool and is available to another user.  Therefore this mechanism of sharing licenses can allow an organization to purchase a smaller number of licenses and make more efficient use of the licenses purchased.

The Sparx Systems Key Store server has been available for many years, providing users of Enterprise Architect with the ability to manage their floating licenses. In version 2.1 of Pro Cloud Server the same Floating License functionality offered by the "Keystore Service' was integrated into the Pro Cloud Server and enhanced to support SSL and IPv6.

Now that floating license allocation is integrated into the Pro Cloud Server, users only have to install, configure and maintain one Microsoft Windows Service for all their Enterprise Architect needs.

This feature required a license for versions 2.1 to 4.1.43, Sparx Systems have relaxed this requirement from version 4.1.44 onwards.


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Customers utilizing Active Directory can now allocation one or more Active Directory security group to their Floating License Server groups, thereby allowing their user based instant access the floating licenses implied by their AD groups without needing to enter a user ID and password.

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Editing Floating License Server group definitions has now been made easier with the introduction of the 'Manage Group' configuration screen in WebConfig and the Floating License Server Configuration Client. Administrators now no longer have to concern themselves with syntax and keyword placement etc, instead they simply select from predefined lists and click save.
Additionally all passwords are now encrypted before being saved to the configuration file.

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