The objective of the NATO Architectural Framework Version 4 (NAFv4) is to provide a standard for the development and description of architectures for both military and business purposes. The framework is designed to be expanded by NATO member states and partners according to their own requirements. Germany and Switzerland, for example, use this possibility to create their own views, e.g. requirement views, in their projects. Christian Freihoff, from the systems architect at the German Federal Armed Forces, and Beat Lang from the Swiss Armed Forces are working intensively on NAFv4 at NATO level and are responsible for national extensions: "Framework Version 4, which was released in January 2018, now contains its own methodology for the development of architectures and the implementation of architecture-related projects. The layout of the views and the document itself are clearer and easier to understand, which has significantly improved accessibility. Germany and Switzerland use Enterprise Architect as their standard modelling tool, but it is also widely used in other NATO nations and partners as well as in industry".

The aim of the NATO Architecture Framework Version 4

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Viewpoints
  • Meta-Models


  • Terms and concept for architecting.
  • A foundation for architecture activities
  • Architecture principles
  • Architecture activities at enterprise and project levels
  • Architecture repositories and libraries enabling reuse and improved interoperability

Viewpoints (Grid representation)
NAFv4 Chapter 3 defines Viewpoints, Views and Architecture Descriptions. It details a two-dimensional classification scheme for the standardized architecture viewpoints, this serves as the baseline for any NAF-Compliant architecture effort. To aid architects, these viewpoints are organized into a logical and consistent manner and presented as a “grid”. This ‘grid’ structure, represents the various ‘subjects of concern’ (rows) and ‘aspects of concern’ (columns), as shown below:


The NAFv4 MDGs are officially developed by german Bundeswehr und the swiss armed forces. BWI and CONET
Via the dwonlaod Button you get access to the MDG extensions for Enterprise Architect, Example, Documentation and Presentation slides.