Connector Style Assistant

Theplugin allows you changing the style of multiple connectors at once. The current version supports setting the line routing style, the line color and the  line thickness.  Various  filters  allow  you  selecting  different  ranges  of connectors  to which the style settings will be applied.

Moving diagram elements in the Project Browser package

This plugin provides the facility to select elements from the diagram and move them directly into a selected package in the project browser, without searching  the  element  in  the  project  browser  and  move  the  elements  within  the  project browser.

Package dependencies

This wizard examines your model and calculates package dependencies based on the contained model elements. For example, a Package is dependent on another Package if there is a relationship between the elements contained in the respective Packages. In addition to relationships, there are a number of other dependencies that are considered.
As a result a new diagram is created, which contains all packages with dependencies. Between the dependent packages a dependency relationship (Dependency) was automatically created, which can be removed by pressing a button



Reuse of an Element

This wizard helps you to create new model elements to avoid duplication and duplicates in your model. When you create a new model element, all model elements with the same or a similar name are automatically suggested. By selecting a possibly already existing element, duplicates can be avoided.

Deletion control for Elements

This wizard helps you to delete model elements. The model is examined to determine where and how the model element to be deleted is used. The clear display in a report makes it possible to decide quickly and safely whether to delete the model element or store it in a dustbin. If the model element is in the wastebasket, all connectors to other elements have been cut and removed from all diagrams. However, model elements can easily be restored from the dung bucket if necessary.

Metamodell Generator

This wizard examines your model and creates a metamodel that shows the elements used in your model and their connections. With the model-specific metamodel you will get a better understanding of your model structure, also as a starting point for a reference model and model validations.

Composite Diagram Forward

This wizard automatically opens the diagram that is under a model element A when a model element B is clicked on a diagram whose type (classifier) is A.
This makes browsing in a model easier. As an example: If the type of a port or part element is a hyperlinked element, a single click will also open the linked diagram of that type.

Automatic formatting of relationships

This wizard formats the line style of a relationship based on the source and target elements and the diagram in which the relationship was created. Alignment (routing), line width and color can be configured.