Accurate and user-friendly 3-way comparison of Enterprise Architekt models

The highlights of LieberLieber LemonTree (formerly Model Versioner for Enterprise Architect):

  • 3-way comparison and merging of Enterprise Architect models
  • Comparison of EAP files, as well as SQL Server, Oracle, etc. repositories
  • Parallel processing of models through optimistic model versioning
  • Seamless integration of Subversion, Git, PTC, etc. possible
  • Branches of models (long-term, parallel development of versions and variants)
  • Changes are presented clearly and comprehensibly (incl. Merge Preview)
  • Review function for detected changes
  • Comparison and merging of diagrams

The advantages of classic versioning systems have been successfully used for years in the generation of source code. However, conventional approaches are not sufficient for graphical models. Only a fine-granular 3-way comparison algorithm, which takes the graph structure of the models into account, allows an exact comparison between two models. This 3-way comparison for models, which takes the basic version into account, has now been realized in the LieberLieber Model Versioner. It allows to calculate the changes of the respective model versions in a way that the user can follow.

Lemontree Release 2.0 latest Features

  • Storage of diff sessions for later reuse
  • Secure model reviews through innovative filters and diagram representation
  • Upgrade from named user to floating licenses possible
  • Preview the merging of models in the diagram

Lemontree Release 1.2

  • Git Integration (incl. TortoiseGit Hooks)
  • Automation via command line
  • Improved automatic validation of EA models
  • Performance Optimization
  • Documents and images are included

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Abb: 3 Wege Vergleich zum Diff und Merge von Modellen

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