PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and SPARX Enterprise Architect perfectly synchronized
Application lifecycle management also means connecting different live systems with one another and thereby ensuring seamless data synchronization. For example, in reality, one department of your company works with the PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and another with the application SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA).

With Nanga EA Integrity Integration you keep requirements between the PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and SPARX Enterprise-Architect strictly synchronized - in both directions. All attributes and relationships are updated in real time in both systems.

Seamless reporting records all changes within the synchronization for tracking purposes. This gives you absolute transparency for all variants of your documents in both systems. Tedious research and non-transparent documentation systems are a thing of the past. This saves you manpower, time and money, especially in complex processes.

A quick overview of Nanga EA Integrity Integration:

  • Bi-directional synchronization of documents and content between PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and Sparx Enterprise Architect in real time
  • Synchronization of attributes and relationships
  • Intuitive context menu in Enterprise Architect
  • Requirements can be created and managed in PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager as well as in SPARX Enterprise Architect

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