Select a package and open the Model Expert dashboard. This gives a snapshot of the content of your package – the types of elements, the diagrams and connectors in there. You can also view this information as a diagram. What might you discover?

  • That you have 3 different ways of connecting 2 element types.
  • That you have multiple stereotypes with very similar names.
  • That lots of the elements are missing attributes orTVs.
  • That you have several empty diagrams.
  • and more…


Having discovered new insights into your model, it’s time to remove inconsistencies, duplications and contradictions. Model Expert gives you the tools you need to find and fix them.

Here the modeller is reviewing duplicate elements, and displaying them in a diagram. From here it’s simple to choose the right one and connect everything up to it; and then remove the one you don’t need.


Model with confidence

Instead of correcting your model after the event, Model Expert can help you stop these kinds of things happening in the first place.

Real time prompts providing your bespoke contextual help to modellers. For example, you can add modelling guidance and tailored instructions about:

  • Which elements and connectors are allowed in each diagram type
  • The attributes or TVs that need to be completed.
  • Where to find already defined elements (rather than inventing new ones)
  • Links to your best practice modelling standards in the EA model or your intranet