The .getmore test case generator is at the core of the model centric test process tool chain. Using different strategies and filters, .getmore generates test cases from diagrams based on the model centric test approach (.mzT). These test cases can be exported for nearly any target system (e.g. HP QC or MS TFS).
Hierarchical state or activity charts are imported from Enterprise Architect into .getmore using the XMI interface.
An add-in for Enterprise Architect allows highlighting the generated test cases in the originating diagrams.

• Different strategies (full path coverage, random, named path, evolutionary algorithm …) and filters (requirement, feature, cost, duration …)
• Support for tracing of requirements
• Possibility to influence test case generation based on test management data stored in the model
• Visual representation of generated test cases in a test case tree
• Possibility to use filters on test cases to efficiently reduce the number of test cases
• Delta generation: analyze differences between two test sets to identify new or changed test cases
• Configurable and extendable export formats (text / code / CSV / Excel / Word / XML / APIs)
The test case generator .getmore is available as an Eclipse RCP application or as plug-in for Eclipse.
 Further information on model-centric test (.mzT) and .getmore are available here.