LieberLieber's Embedded Engineer is aimed specifically at embedded developers, software engineers and software architects in the fields of "embedded systems" and "software development", but can also be useful for testers and integration managers. To emphasize the area of application more, the product name Embedded Engineer replaces the previous name enarUML2code.

The special advantages are:

  • Improved C code generation
  • Efficient C++ code generation
  • Debugging at model level (UML)
  • User Code Synchronization
  • requirements tracing

LieberLieber Embedded Engineer was developed as a part of the tool chain for the development of embedded systems, because only with an integrated solution the model-driven approaches in embedded software development can be used efficiently.
The Embedded Engineer version 2.0 offers improved code generation of ANSI-C code from UML structures, state machines and activity models, and since this version, the generation of C++ source code.

  • The automated code generation simultaneously generates detailed documentation.
  • Existing solutions do not have to be converted, since a clean integration of model-based and classical development is given.
  • Compliance with standards is simplified, since only the code generator has to be adapted.
  • Requirements can be linked in the model and these can be found immediately in the generated source code.
  • Since the source code is included in the delivery, necessary adjustments are easily possible and there is no dependence on the solution supplier.

Further information on the vendor page.