eaDocX™ is an extension from our partner Ability Engineering. This extension offers a Microsoft Word document generator, including Microsoft Excel integration and ISO 9001:2008 compliance. With just a few clicks you can create high quality documents that meet your company standards.

  • Excel export/import as bulk edit of EA data and easy capture from external data sources
  • Word formatted documents including Excel charts and tables
  • Intelligent document creation: Print options based on your model, including relationships and project data
  • Outline documents based on your model structure, reports on multiple Packages or the Matrix view.
  • Filtering, sorting and conditional formatting of model data, suppressing empty elements
  • Convenient document management including version control, history and related documents
  • Changed EA content can be updated in the document with 2 clicks.

eaDocX ™ combines three tools in one, integration with EA, Excel and Word and providing project automation for your business. Save time and money while improving project quality.