Enterprise Architect Information Portal is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and securely publish models (including diagrams) for viewing through a web browser with configurable read and write permissions, with an optional structure, precise control of permissions at the user and group level, editing options and browsing via mobile devices

EA Infoport complements the functionality of Enterprise Architect with a lightweight client displaying current data from the Enterprise Architect repository via a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). No exports or generating html are needed. The displayed data are still current. It brings greater security of information sharing – you can set, among other things, reading rights.

You will use EA Infoport successfully, for example if:

  • You need to show diagrams and other information to people who do not have Enterprise Architect.
  • You use Confluence, Wiki, SharePoint or similar CMS and need to display diagrams or other information embedded directly in their pages.
  • You are a software company, and you want to show the upcoming models to your customers (and get feedback through discussions).
  • You have multiple vendors, and you want to show them parts of a model so that everyone can see only what they need to see.
  • You draw process books in BPMN and want to publish them for your employees.
  • You are working on your non-commercial hobby project and want to publish its documentation as well.
  • You want to work on a tablet or mobile phone, and you don't want to always export static html.
  • You want to use advanced features such as permission to read part of a model, search and more.

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