EA Connector for codeBeamer ALM

With codeBeamer ALMs Connector for Enterprise Architect you can easily import UML diagrams into your Application Lifecycle Management platform and synchronize requirements with wiki between the two tools.  This makes it much easier to use UML models to guide your development lifecycle. Links between work items can be easily established, providing end-to-end traceability of requirements and UML system architectures, all the way to testing and release of the final product. You can simply use your data (UML models) to access all CodeBeamer ALM Trackers with your username and password to establish the connection between EA and codeBeamer ALM.
You can easily import your data (UML-models) to any codeBeamer ALM-Tracker to establish the connection between EA and codeBeamer ALM.


New Release: Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0


Intland Software, developer of the market-leading codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution and LieberLieber Software, specialist for the widely used modeling platform Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect further strengthen their successful partnership with this step.

This updated integration, released in November 2019, enables users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, as well as links and references across codeBeamer ALM and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. With the integration set up, users can easily navigate back and forth between the two platforms while their development data syncs automatically. The new integration is an important milestone on Intland’s innovation roadmap announced in May 2019.

You can find further information here.
A webinar recording showing the integration between Enterprise Architect and codeBeamer ALM is available here