BEASI contains pre-configured structures based on the TOGAF ADM model, using ArchiMate as modelling language. The plugin provides templates, examples and tools that simplify the development and maintenance of your Enterprise Architecture projects. This will provide a kick start in your EA work with quick solutions to the most common problems.

TOGAF provides you with a clear and precise work process, ensuring that the right project is started. You’ll minimize the risk that time and money are spent on the wrong things. With TOGAF’s renowned ADM process you will develop architecture and make change projects more efficient. Above all, TOGAF provides you with a common vocabulary to smoothly work between different organisations and across geographical borders.
To describe an architecture you need a uniform language, a so-called notation. With BEASI, you get access to Archimate as notation in Sparx.
Archimate ensures that everything created in the architecture is easy to unify and understand.

An explicit architecture work process
An effective method with nine practical phases
Integration across organizations
Secure ROI and results

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