Many of the best products and tools were born because one becomes tired struggling the same annoying requests every work day. add4Q eliminates all the paper works you do outside of EA in a common project, because it makes all the related people work in EA.


is extending the possibilities of Enterprise Architect with a plug in for:

  • Document Management (Editor, Reviewer, Report-Generator)
  • Requirement Management (Editor, Linker, Tracer, Viewer)
  • Test Management (Tester, Report-Generator)

The modules integrate seamlessly and provide the following core features:

add4Q||editor – enables:

  • the creation of  text documents directly in the EA-Model 
  • inserting requirements as traceable elements into documents
  • converting packages to documents, including all properties, notes, values template based publishing to MS-Word documents
  • PM’s and BA’s without UML experience to work in EA efficiently

add4Q||reviewer – provides:

  • structured document reviews and change history
  • digital signature for release reviews
  • early error detection and prevention, resulting time- and cost savings

add4Q||linker – offers:

  • linking of requirements, artifacts and test cases
  • splitting/ merging of requirements
  • quick check over linked elements

add4Q||tracer– provides:

  • configurable integrity tests regarding the linking over the entire system
  • in line error messages, warnings and informational notes
  • short hands to Viewer, Editor and Linker to check and correct errors
  • one click trace reports into documents

add4Q||viewer– shows:

  • the whole story of a requirement from creation to realization in one diagram
  • including all the related test cases, splits and mergers
  • and supports easy navigation over the entire requirements model

add4Q||tester – supports:

  • the creation of test specifications, test cases and test plans
  • the linking of test cases to requirements
  • the test execution and result documentation
  • template based one click report generating

Over all – summarized add4Q accompanies the development process in Enterprise Architect from the requirements creation, over the realization to the product authorization. 

Please visit this page to download a trial version and detailed information.