3rd Party extensions



Biner EASI or Beasi combines three global standards - TOGAF 9, Archimate 2 und Sparx Enterprise Architect.

MDG Technology for C4The C4 model is a lightweight approach created by Simon Brown to help software development teams describe and communicate software architecture
NAFv4 MDGModeling NATO Architecture Framework with Sparx Enterprise Architect
MDG Technology for SYSMOD©The Systems Modeling Toolbox (SYSMOD) is a pragmatic approach to model the requirements and architecture of a (mechatronic) system.
ProlaborateProlaborate allows users to create tailored set of views that reduce complexity, focus attention and increase the accessibility of model information for the non-modeling community who are more concerned with consuming the models.

codeBeamer ALM

With the cB ALM Connector for Enterprise Architect you can easily import UML diagrams into your ALM system and analyze and control your complete development cycle based on the graphical representation.

Embedded Engineer

Short development time by using more complex constructs of UML modelling, for which code in C had to be implemented by hand until now

EA Connector for Trac

Trac is an advanced wiki and issue tracking system for software project management and bug tracking.


eaDocX™ offers a Microsoft Word document generator, including Microsoft Excel integration and ISO 9001:2008 compliance.


Accurate and user-friendly 3-way comparison of Enterprise Architekt models.

Modeling Assistants

This toolset facilitates the daily work with EA. Different, independent plugins increase the usability of Enterprise Architect.
Nanga EAIIWith Nanga EA Integrity Integration you keep requirements between PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and SPARX EA strictly synchronized.


add4Q is serving the elementary requirements for the proof of traceability, test coverage and execution for safety critical projects.


pure::variants for Enterprise Architect is the most efficient tool to create and maintain reusable UML and SysML models with Sparx System Enterprise Architect.


Automated generation of test cases from models with .getmore and .mzT


Polarion Software offer a Fully-integrated web-based platform for managing enterprise software development efficiently and productively.


SDMetrics is a measurement tool for UML that measures structural properties such as coupling, size, and complexity of UML models.


The UMM Add-In is an extension to EA. It supports the modeler in using UN/CEFACTs Modeling Methodology (UMM)


Yakindu Bridge-Integration of EA with the Eclipse Modeling Framework.


The MBTsuite enables model-based/model-centered testing in 3 steps!
Labnafis a software and unified framework for visualizing your enterprise and for driving transformations
InfoportAn easy way to present your models created in the Enterprise Architect tool via a web browser without having to regenerate after each change!
safeTboxis a model-based framework that supports engineers developing safety-critical systems by integrating activities such as hazard analysis and risk assessment, failure analysis, safety concept and safety case creation.