Sparx Systems successfully completes the acquisition of Prolaborate

The Enterprise Architect modelling platform from Sparx Systems is valued by over one million users worldwide for its excellent price/performance ratio and openness to other systems in the tool chain. Enterprise Architect is used to design and build software systems, for business process modelling and for modelling any process or system. Since 2018, the platform has been supplemented by Prolaborate to make architecture information for analysis and decision support collaboratively accessible to a wider audience. Model views from Enterprise Architect are often shared with a large number of internal teams (sales, support and development) and their customers.

Sparx Systems has now fully acquired Prolaborate to strategically complement its portfolio. Since its inception and collaboration with Sparx Systems in 2018, Prolaborate has achieved remarkable success with over 480 enterprise implementations, including more than 90 Fortune 500 companies.

Find out more about the practical use and benefits of Prolaborate in the SparxSystems Central Europe customer reference: