Webinar invitation to Prolaborate 5

We at SparxSystems Central Europe invite you to our webinar on Prolaborate 5.

The new release of Prolaborate introduces a number of features and capabilities specifically designed to support Application Portfolio Management, also known as APM. The APM Accelerator for Sparx Architecture Platform is an accelerator package offered by Sparx for Enterprise Architecture teams looking to implement Application Portfolio Management through guided practices.


The latest features at a glance:

Lifecycle Roadmap

The Lifecycle Roadmap is a powerful method for visualising the status of various architectural artefacts, such as applications, skills or projects.

It plays a central role in the planning of the application portfolio and provides a clear and precise overview of their lifecycles.


Dynamic charts

Dynamic Charts provide users with more intuitive reports to analyse information based on different attributes. Users can select the data they want to see on the go.

This enhancement allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in data visualisation.

Rich Text Editor

An enhanced rich text editor improves documentation in dashboards. This new editor replaces the HTML editor widget and offers improved functionality and benefits for users who require custom text and formatting options. With additional features that simplify the editing of documentation content in dashboards, it becomes the ideal choice for presenting text and images.

The rich text editor is now also available for customising email templates.


List view and inline editor

List views, reminiscent of Excel interfaces, have always been a favourite with users when it comes to displaying and updating model information. Whether it's viewing and updating applications, managing data entities or changing requirements and use cases, the list view and inline editor is enabled in all key model viewing capabilities of Prolaborate.


Want to experience the latest features in a live presentation?

SparxSystems Europe CEO Peter Lieber will present the latest features of Prolaborate 5 in an exclusive webinar:



What’s new in Prolaborate 5?

Modelling & AI in Enterprise Architect 16 and Prolaborate 5

Q&A Session


The webinar will be held on 2 dates, in German and English.

Webinar in German: 28 November 15.00 - 16.00

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Webinar in Englisch: 5. Dezember 15.00 – 16.00

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We are looking forward to your registration.