SparxSystems CE: ESA uses Enterprise Architect for reverse engineering

In a detailed article on his blog Systems Engineering Trends, Michael Jastram reports on an MBSE reverse engineering project with Enterprise Architect at the European Space Agency (ESA).

On behalf of ESA, the German GPP modelled a finished satellite in a reverse engineering process with Enterprise Architect. The latest methods of "Model-based System Engineering" (MBSE) and the modelling language SysML were applied. With this approach, the complex system could be modelled completely, and the model also serves as the basis for the next mission. Peter Gersing from GPP presented this project in his keynote at MESCONF 2023.

The team's conclusion is:

  • Reverse engineering is an excellent approach to introduce MBSE, and to gain a holistic understanding of the developed system
  • Diagrams of the model enable quick reviews with the experts for maximum knowledge transfer.
  • Reuse of the model provides a head start for the next mission and allows optimisation rather than starting from scratch.