MedConf 2023

23. - 25.05.2023, Munich

The MedConf - Software and Device Development in Medical Technology will take place from 23 - 25 May 2023 in Munich Unterhaching as an attendance event. LieberLieber and SparxSystems CE are exhibitors and speakers for the first time at this conference, which has established itself as an important networking platform for medical technology. Central topics this year are standards & guidelines, software development and quality assurance, device development, laboratory automation, digitalisation, agility in medical technology and MedicalApps.
Dr. Konrad Wieland, CEO of LieberLieber, will speak on Tuesday 23. May (16:10 - 16:55, room Kopernikus 3, topic Agility) about "Agile Modeling in Safety Critical Environment - Continue to use existing SW development tools and build on existing processes". He will show that agile methods and model-based development are not contradictory. Especially in the early phases of system development, agile development methods can enrich classic processes such as the V-model or waterfall model. These agile approaches have already proven themselves in software development for decades. The paradigm of the agile continuous integration approach is also likely to become trendy in the development of mechatronic systems. This approach ensures a truly consistent development status, enables flexible adaptation of requirements, reduces development risks and thus leads to transparent, secure and accelerated system development.
SparxSystems CE will be represented at MedConf with a short workshop by Oliver Matthias Kipf, Solution Lead at BIX (Boehringer Ingelheim). The workshop, entitled "Model-Driven Digital Health - Enabling a Culture of Quality and Organizational Excellence", will take place on Wednesday, 24. May (16:25 - 18:05, Room: Einstein 2) and can also be booked independently of the event.

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