Model Version Control and Management

4.Mai.2021 17h00 CET

We are pleased to announce the following webinar organized by our partner Ernest Stambouly

MBSE Model Version Control - Best Practices

Managing model versions and product configurations properly is a primary requirement for leveraging the power of model-based engineering throughout the development lifecycle.
This requirement cannot be fully satisfied without an enterprise-grade visual diff and merge tool that enables multiple teams coordinate their concurrent work effortlessly.
In this first free webinar of our 3-webinar series, we will share with you best practices for model versioning, aiming at the higher goals of effective configuration management and product line engineering—which we will cover in the second third webinars.
Learn model repository management strategies and version control best practices using LemonTree from LieberLieber and Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems Pty.

This Webinar is for enterprise architects, application modelers, managers of MBSE teams, and model repository administrators.
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