Sage uses Enterprise Architect for ERP implementation

Latest success story

Although Maximilian Lehr has only been working with Enterprise Architect at ERP manufacturer Sage for a good six months, he is enthusiastic about the benefits for his work in introducing ERP systems. Whereas the processes at the customer's premises used to be document-based, everything now runs much faster in model form and is also clearer and less error-prone. Maximilian Lehr, Team Manager Consulting for Sage X3, discovered Enterprise Architect in an external group project. There, a solution architect used the popular modelling platform from Sparx Systems on the basis of his own reference model. "Both the reference model as well as the many and varied applications of Enterprise Architect were explained to us so vividly that I was immediately enthusiastic about the tool. I was particularly impressed by the fact that the documentation is created directly during the work and that the project is therefore excellently represented and always well maintained at all times," the ERP specialist recalls.

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