Enterprise Architect 15.2 Official Release

EA 15.2 released

Version 15.2 Now Available for Download
Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 15.2. This noteworthy update offers substantial streamlined and expanded core modeling capabilities. Version 15.2 offers a single tool to bring teams together, simulate with precision and explore and visualize your model.

New ways to Work Together

  • Seamless In-Model Collaboration. Chat / instant messaging capabilities are now expanded to allow one-on-one conversations.
  • New Notification System. Quickly and easily see new chats or discussions that are relevant to you.
  • New Collaborations Window. The new "go to" place to discover what is happening at the team level.
  • Streamlined & Improved Reviews. A clearer, more intuitive interface for model based reviews.
  • New Focus Window. Power up model navigation and move rapidly through the model.

Navigate the Model & Visualize your Design

  • Explore and Visualize. All new tools for exploring your model, finding your work in progress and visualizing information.
  • Deep Dive into an Element's Structure. New 'Inspector' Window supports model navigation and viewing element details at the same time. Offers integrated views of External Elements.
  • Scriptable Dynamic Charts. New API classes and functions allow you to select chart types, set data and configure styling.
  • Dynamic Dashboard Views. Automatic sorting and layout of chart and graph elements.
  • Leverage the Google Icon Library. Access all of the graphics (icons and images) necessary to model Google Cloud Platform Architecture diagrams.
  • Model Amazon Architectures. Leverage the complete Amazon AWS icon library in your models.
  • New image library added to depict Microsoft Azure deployments.
  • New Ways to View DMN Rules. New Crosstab support for DMN Decision Tables.
  • ArchiMate 3.1 Model Exchange File Format. Enterprise Architect now fully supports The Open Group's ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format.

Mathematical Tools and Precise Simulation

  • Detailed support for OMG SysPhS. Define variables and constants within your model Blocks for consistent simulation in both MATLAB and Modelica.
  • Mathematical Tools for Simulation. Empower precision modeling using simulation and plotting via MATLAB, Octave, Modelica and more.
  • Leverage your Math Tooling. New Integrations and Solver classes. An expanded Math library, new Dynamic Charts and much more.
  • Solver Classes in JavaScript. Solvers for integration with MATLAB and Octave through the built-in JavaScript engine.
  • Translate SysML Internal Block Diagrams, Parametric and StateMachine diagrams to simulate under MATLAB's Simulink and Simscape - all using the new SysPhS modeling.
  • Integrate with MATLAB. Connect via the MATLAB API to support simulations and other scripts based on MATLAB functions/expressions.
  • Connect with GNU Octave's Advanced Math. Use the Octave 'solver' class to integrate with Octave.
  • Expanded Modelica graphical support. View SysML diagrams exported as Modelica composition or schematic diagrams.
  • New Dynamic Charts based on simulation results. Tightly bind charts to simulations to visualize aspects of your simulation's behavior.
  • Instant Access to all the simulation script code. New code editor capability supports the visualization of all the code and behavior scripts for all elements on a diagram.
  • JavaScript Engine now supports advanced and integrated math capabilities. The legendary Cephes math library has been tightly integrated into the JavaScript engine available with Enterprise Architect.

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