Version 15.2 Beta (Build 1553) Released

With streamlined and expanded core modeling features.

Sparx Systems are proud to announce the release of Beta of the next official (minor) version of Enterprise Architect.
Version 15.2 both enhances and expands major aspects of the tool suite:
1.    In Model Collaboration features such as Chat, Review, Discuss, Notifications and processes under-pinning collaborative work through either a Cloud based or Repository based model. Major updates, improvements and enhancements.
2.    New UI windows and tools to better expose some of EA's most useful features, such as the Model Views, Traceability, Searching and Model Navigation. A new Collaboration window. Simple dashboard views, a new 'Inspector' window and much more.
3.    Mathematical tools and integrations. Significant and major overhaul of support for applications such as Matlab, Octave, Modelica and others. New Solver classes to interface with Matlab and others, new Javascript API's to facilitate mathematical integrations and all new ways of visualizing Simulation results with dynamic charts.
4.    JavaScript and API enhancements. Many updates to the built in JavaScript engine, including a new JavaScript based Dynamic Chart API, instant Dynamic charts based on Simulation results, simplified ways to edit underlying JavaScript code for behavioral models and more.
5.    Pro Cloud Server 4.2 Released in conjunction with version 15.2, PCS 4.2 has numerous enhancements including updates to WebEA for Model Mail, Decision Tables, Properties editing and general look and feel. Also included is improved support for Active Directory and new Floating License Server options.

Go to the Version 15.2 beta page
Take a look at the full release page here: Pro Cloud Server 4.2 Beta 1






We invite registered users to immediately download the beta and try out these exciting new features.