Enterprise Architect 15.1 released

The release includes numerous new enhancements for collaboration, model management, presentations,..

Release Highlights
•    Engage Your Global Audience. Use manual entry or the power of online services from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to translate model information into many different languages.
•    Fine Tune Your Modeling Language. Lock down the available modeling tools for security groups using Perspectives.
•    Unleash Your Team. Model Baselines can now be configured to use a Reusable Asset Server (RAS), allowing multiple people to work on the same base model while disconnected from each other.
•    Model Based Business Vocabulary. A new model based approach to glossary definition, ensuring all stakeholders have a shared understanding of project terminology.
•    Invite the World into Your Model. Tighter integration to external applications, shared notes, comments and properties.
•    Pin Your Favorites. The Start Page has been enhanced with the ability to pin your favorite models, ensuring consistent, quick access.
•    Take Full Control of New Diagram Layers. Hide, show and filter diagram content on demand with the new Diagram Layers.
•    Freeze Visible Relationships at a Point in Time. Set your diagrams to Freeze the visible connectors between elements to prevent new connectors from being added automatically.
•    Preview Child Diagrams Without Losing Focus. New keyboard accelerators and visual indicators to quickly preview and switch to composite and child diagrams.
•    Visualize Your World. Enterprise Architect's Custom Drawing style has just got better.
•    Enhanced and Richer Decision Tables. Add clarity to your Decision Tables using the new Annotations option.
•    Cyber Security Profile. Identify potential threats and perform cyber security threat evaluation based on your Trust Diagram.
•    Lightning Quick Backup and Transfer. Fast model to model transfer using XML. Cloud enabled.
•    Convenient Source Code Integration. Visual Execution Analyzer now provides commands to directly integrate with source control providers without leaving your model.

Read more about Version EA 15.1 here.