Enterprise Architect 14 Preview

Next presentation 10.January.2018

Introducing Enterprise Architect 14 – Business Process Simulation

This webinar showcases the enhanced BPSim capability in Enterprise Architect 14. We'll step through a sample simulation, and show you how to control simulation parameters, such as execution speed, and review token activity.

A convenient, dockable view dedicated to BPSim makes it easier than ever to monitor and log simulation parameters. The cumulative impact of these changes significantly improves your business process analysis!

In this webinar:
✔ Step through a business process with the enhanced BPSim interface
✔ Improve your process understanding and resource utilization with detailed analysis
✔ Control execution speed, monitor business decisions taken, tokens and simulation parameters

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This is the third webinar in our on-going Enterprise Architect 14 preview series. Enterprise Architect 14 brings the power of the Specification Manager to any diagram, providing a simple document-like view of the model. Identify gaps in documentation at a glance and see how well that documentation elaborates and refines the visual model. Simplify the process of model creation and editing.

Another powerful model editing tool - the dockable Properties view - now features new dynamic tabs for context sensitive editing of elements, diagrams, relationships and more.

Join us as we explain these and other modeling tool enhancements in the exciting version 14 pre-release.

In this webinar:

✔ Understand why the enhanced Properties view is an indispensable tool for model editing
✔ Preview the all new Context Browser
✔ Improve your model completness with the Diagram Inline Specification Manager

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The Model Wizard has been available in Enterprise Architect for many years, but in version 14 it has received a huge update. The goal of these changes has been to greatly enhance the modeling experience and to make it much easier to find and use the right modeling approach for a particular domain and purpose.

In this webinar, we preview the new Model Wizard and its huge selection of model patterns that come with detailed guidance and references, perspective-based filtering and use of meta-model driven views that combine to vastly improve the modeling experience.

In this webinar:
✔Preview the new Model Wizard interface
✔Understand the range of built-in Model Patterns
✔Apply new model patterns & perspectives to kick-start your projects

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Explore the Mind Map of the Version 14 Release
Enterprise Architect 14 is a major milestone release! Ahead of the official launch, we're providing a new webinar series focused exclusively on previewing the version 14 release.

In this first webinar, we provide an overview of version 14 and show you why Enterprise Architect 14 will make your modeling experience better than ever!
✔Find out the major release items in Enterprise Architect 14
✔Understand how version 14 addresses your modeling intent
✔Prepare to apply the new toolset before official launch!
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