Edition Changes with EA 14

New Unified Edition. Deskotp, BSE and EASE retires

•    This edition is being retired - free upgrades to the Professional edition will be offered to holders of the Desktop edition with a current renewal.
•    The Business and Software Engineering Edition and the Systems Engineering edition will be combined with the Unified edition of EA. Any customer with an active subscription for these two editions will receive a free upgrade to the Unified Edition.
•    The Unified edition is our gold standard of modeling tool offerings, and comes with everything the power user needs and wants. The Unified Edition ships with all of the simulation capabilities for: SysML OpenModelica, DMN, BPSim, Executable State Machines.

In Summary
Enterprise Architect v14 Product offering:
•    Professional
•    Corporate
•    Unified
•    Ultimate
•    Desktop (free upgrade to Professional)*
•    Business and Software engineering Edition (Free upgrade to the Unified Edition)*
•    Systems Engineering edition (Free upgrade to the Unified Edition)*

* Only for license ownsers with a current renewal

Three Year Expiry
If a license has not been renewed within a maximum three year period since the date of purchase, it will no longer be eligible for renewal, and a new license will have to be purchased.
This appllies for all purchases before May 2015