The License Management dialog in Enterprise Architect enables you to upgrade Enterprise Architect and to register Add-Ins.

To access License Management from within Enterprise Architect, select the Help | Register and Manage License Key(s) menu option. The License Management dialog displays, listing the currently-registered keys, when the key expires (or, for shared keys, when they are to be reactivated in the keystore for issue to another user) and the product each key applies to.
If you have purchased an upgrade to a higher edition, remove the key and replace it with the new one (in case of named user licensing) - the enhanced functionality will be released. The new edition will be shown in the field "product". Upgrade to include Unified or Ultimate Edition plugins that need to be installed in addition, this information is included in the license email. The plugins can browse through menu | managed extensions.

Add Key:
Display the Add Registration Key dialog, which enables you to:

• Add a new key to update to a higher version of Enterprise Architect or to register an Add-In.
• Obtain a key from the Sparx Systems Key Store (available for version 4.51 and above).For more information on adding keys see the Add License Key topic.

Remove Key:
Make the Add-In or current version of Enterprise Architect inoperable. Only in case of an upgrade necessary - an upgrade key replace the key of the lower edition.

Place the highlighted key into the clipboard.
• The Lite version and the Trial version cannot be registered or upgraded. If you have purchased Enterprise Architect, you must download the registered version from before you can enter your registration key.
• This topic is mainly relevant to users with private keys. If you are an end-user with a shared key, you would simply be allocated the relevant key next time you requested one.  If, however, you need to upgrade while using a shared key on a long lease, you would simply click on the Release Key button and then the Add Key button.