If you are evaluating the Enterprise Architect trial version, you get the full functionality, limited to 30 days.
When you reinstall the trial version, the trial period from the date of initial installation will calculate and you receive the message "trial period expired".
To extend the trial period you can either request an extension of the test period (see below) or buy a full version and register:

download your trial
viewlet how to install EA
Order Enterprise Architect
Installation of full version
How to register the full version

If you already have a full version of Enterprise Architect, and want to register add-ins or upgrade to Corporate, Unified or Ultimate editions wish, refere to Licensemanagement.
Note: A trial version can not be unlocked by entering the license key for full version, this requires the download and installation of EASetupfull.exe file.

If you open the Trial Version of Enterprise Architect, you will see below screen. This query pops up after each opening of the trial version and provides a test of all editions and features. The query also provides links to additional information such as a comparison of the editions or a summary of the EA functions. When using EA You can choose from a number of workplace layouts, and the query "Trial Edition Select" (Select Trial version) allows you to use the first layout.
Note: MDG plugin can be installed additionally.

If you need for your evaluation longer than 30 days, you may apply under sales@sparxsystems.eu an extension of the trial period. This extension can be extended up to 120 days. The key for the extension will be sent to you via email.
Note: The test period must already be expired before you can enter the key for the extension.

To extend the trial period, proceed as follows:
1. Open the EA trial. The dialog "Enterprise Architect Trial" (evaluation version of Enterprise Architect) will appear.

2. To enter an extension key, hold [Ctrl] on the keyboard and click the "Continue Trial" button on the dialog. A dialog "upgrade key" appear.

3. Just enter in the Field "upgrade key" by copying-and-pasting the extension key, which you have received by E-Mail.
4. Click the OK button. Enterprise Architect confirmed that the test time was extended. The test time is extended by the number of days specified in the received email. Now you can start and use the new Enterprise Architect Enterprise Architect trial continues.

User (Role-Based) Security

User security is included in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions.
Trial users can enable user security on a project
a) open your project Enterprise Architect.
b) select - Main Menu - select Project | Security | Enable Security.
c) entering the following key: {C27378C8-6CD8-4efa-92F8-4E0E4F1A8B65}

Note: A separate key is available for Registered users from the registered site