Enterprise Architect Lite is a free, read-only edition of Enterprise Architect that enables people such as project sponsors to review the project without making any changes.

However, users of Enterprise Architect Lite also have wider access to:
 •The Team Review, where readers can create and respond to posts, and link their comments to elements
 •The Source Code Viewer, where readers can open and edit external source code files, debug code, and configure and run package build scripts
 •The File menu, where readers can copy the project or create a shortcut to access it
 •The Relationship Matrix, where readers can export the matrix contents to a CSV file to be opened in a spreadsheet application
 •The Default Hours tab to review project metrics.
You can download the Enterprise Architect Lite edition (as the Enterprise Architect Viewer) from the Sparx Systems website.
Other Read-Only Options

You can also make your model available to others in a read-only format by:
 •Running Enterprise Architect over a VPN connection
 •Generating an HTML report on the model, which can be published on the web with read-only access.