Richard Deininger developer since 2001, throughout his career has been able to collect extensive experience in C#, C, C++, VB, Java and PL-SQ programming, and with Oracle, MySQL and SQL-Server databases.
Since 2006 an employee of SparxSystems and, in addition to Support, deals with integration of 3rd-party tools in Enterprise Architect and extensions via the EA API. His professional knowledge has been proven in many on-site projects and is - namely due to this professional knowledge - a competent consultant for Enterprise Architect programming.


Dr. Horst Kargl has been performing object-oriented modelling since 2000. Before coming to SparxSystems in 2008, he was assistant professor at the Vienna Technical University performing research in numerous projects having to do with e-Learning, Semantic Web and model-driven software development - the subject of his dissertation. He has also focused on the automatic integration of modelling languages.
His current tasks include training courses in modelling technology with Enterprise Architect and extension thereof via add-ins. Furthermore, he is the representative of SparxSystems Central Europe at the AMOR Research Project (semantic versioning of models) where he runs the integration of research results.

Peter Lieber began his career 17 years ago as an independent systems consultant at Borland Austria, and was also responsible for the TogetherSoft pre-sale (both companies are now Microfocus). The transmission of technological knowledge in the areas of shared systems (n-Tier, SOA) and development environments to software developers (and those who desire to be) has been a cause of his for more than a decade.
With this experience it was a logical segue into the UML market for the Australian producer SparxSystems. He continually develops fresh, new and innovative ideas on opportunity-oriented solutions. Peter Lieber’s current work focuses on mobile technology, model-driven development approachs and processes.

Dipl.-Ing. Franz Müller has worked since 1995 with object-oriented programming. His professional background has led him through many years of being Software Developer to Requirements Engineer to Software Architect. Object-oriented modelling became an essential component of his work ethic even before is thesis, “Object Oriented Programming with Enterprise JavaBeans” in cooperation with Siemens PSE. As a SparxSystems trainer he has travelled the world, even holding numerous training courses at a renowned consulting and outsourcing company in India.


Ing. Dietmar Steinpichler was self-employed as a real-time systems developer, and was engaged by a telecommunications provider as Business Analyst and Designer. His specialties are programming-language development in the area of CTI, pattern recognition and abstract algorithms. As technical project leader, he has handled numerous large-scale projects in teams using UML modelling tools and shared architecture.
Since March, 2007, he has been a Sparxsystems Software GmbH trainer and consultant in Europe, focusing on quality assurance, project processes and requirements management.