Enterprise Architect provides a variety of functions, some of which are used very often. Therefore, the following list can be very helpful. The main shortcuts are highlighted in bold

A valuable addition is the Enterprise Architect Shortcuts Reference Card as PDF. It was created by an EA user and made for you available.

Function  Shortcut  Category  
Create a new Enterprise Architect projectCtrl + N  File  
Open an Enterprise Architect projectCtrl+ O  File  
Print the active diagramCtrl + P  File  
Reload the current projectCtrl + Shift + F11  File  
Add a single element to the clipboard listCtrl + Space  Edit  
Paste element as linkShift + Insert  Edit  
Paste element as newCtrl + Shift + V  Edit  
Bookmark current element with red markerAlt + Space  Edit  
Delete selected element(s)Ctrl + D  Edit  
Search for elements in the projectCtrl + F  Edit  
Paste element(s) from the clipboard as a linkShift + Insert  Edit  
Paste element as new element in modelCtrl + Shift + V  Edit  
Autohide the current windowCtrl + Shift + F4  View  
Close the current windowCtrl + F4  View  
View element hierarchy docked windowCtrl + Shift + 4  View  
Show or hide the maintenance windowAlt + 4  View  
Show or hide the notes windowCtrl + Shift + 1  View  
Show or hide project workspace windowAlt + 0  View  
View the properties windowAlt + 1  View  
View element relationships docked windowCtrl + Shift + 2  View  
Show resource viewAlt + 6  View  
View requirements and constraints docked windowCtrl + Shift + 3  View  
View element scenarios docked windowCtrl + Shift + 5  View  
View and edit source codeAlt + 7  View  
Show/hide the system docked windowAlt + 2  View  
Show or hide the tagged values docked windowCtrl + Shift + 6  View  
View or hide the dockable test windowAlt + 3  View  
Display the UML toolboxAlt + 5  View  
Batch generate selected classesShift + F11  Project  
Import package from XMICtrl + Alt + I  Project  
Import package from directoryCtrl + Shift + U  Project  
Manage locks applied by current userCtrl + Shift + L  Project  
Configure package controlCtrl + Alt + P  Project  
Rich text documentationF8  Project  
Synchronize current elementCtrl + R or F7  Project  
Synchronize package contentsCtrl + Alt + M  Project  
Diagram propertiesF5  Diagram  
Repeat last connectorF3  Diagram  
SaveCtrl + S  Diagram  
Save image to clipboardCtrl + B  Diagram  
Save image to fileCtrl + T  Diagram  
Set visible relationsCtrl + Shift + I  Diagram  
Space elements evenly horizontallyAlt + -  Element  
Add attributeCtrl + Shift + F9  Element  
Add operationCtrl + Shift + F10  Element  
Add otherCtrl + F11  Element  
AttributesF9  Element  
Auto size selected elementsAlt + Z  Element  
Align bottom edges of selected elementsCtrl + Alt + Down  Element  
Configure element appearanceCtrl + Shift + E  Element  
Delete selected feature from modelCtrl + Shift + Delete  Element  
Edit selectedF2  Element  
Align selected elements on left boundariesCtrl + Alt + Left  Element  
Align selected elements on left boundariesCtrl + Alt + Right  Element  
Space selected elements evenlyAlt + =  Element  
Manage embedded elementsCtrl + Shift + B  Element  
Insert new feature after current selectionCtrl + Shift + Insert  Element  
Locate in browserAlt + G  Element  
New elementCtrl + M  Element  
View source code in default editorCtrl + E or F12  Element  
OperationF10  Element  
Override inherited featuresCtrl + Shift +0  Element  
Configure element propertiesAlt + Enter  Element  
Project ressourcing, metrics and riskCtrl + Shift + K  Element  
Select alternate imageCtrl + Shift + W  Element  
Specify feature visibilityCtrl + Shift +Y  Element  
Set element parent or implement interface(s)Ctrl + I  Element  
Set references to other elements and diagramsCtrl + J  Element  
View element usageCtrl + U  Element  
Add tagged valueCtrl + Shift + T  Element  
Align top edges of selected elementsCtrl + Alt +Up  Element  
View properties dialogEnter  Element  
Check data integrityShift + F9  Tools  
Configure system optionsCtrl + F9  Tools  
Spell check current packageCtrl + Shift + F7  Tools  
Spell check modelCtrl + F7  Tools  
Edit code generation templatesCtrl + Shift + P  Settings