Build better and build faster with this new release of Sparx Systems' proven modeling and design platform.

Featuring a wealth of  performance upgrades, customizations, user interface tweaks and new features, the latest version of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides the key tools and performance needed  to tackle any modeling & design challenge.  A major update that ensures you, your team and your customers have access to the best tools and the best experience at all times. 

Enterprise Architect 16.1


Pro Cloud Server 5.1


Prolaborate 4.3

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Modeling and Collaborating in a Rapidly Changing World

Collaborative modeling with Chat, Journals, Reviews and Discussions




New Chat Search

  • Quickly locate previous chats with a collection of new tools for searching and filtering
  • Search your entire chat history
  • Focus your view to a specific date range by specifying start and end dates.
  • See where the conversation came from, and where it was going:
  • a) All messages for that day of the search result
  • b) Two or Five chats either side of your search result

Chat history moved into the Discuss & Review History


  • Discussion topics, posts and reviews have been enhanced to provide a clean "chat like" interface.
  • A new dedicated editor has been added when editing and reading discussions
  • Sort discussions by most recent activity, keeping the most active discussion at the top
  • Keep discussions with no recent activity in front of mind by making them 'Always Visible' by Status


  • Diagrams are now included as Review topics
  • See any diagram that has been part of a review in:
  • a) The Review & Discussion History and/or
  • b) The Manage Reviews windows


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Custom Documents have had numerous enhancements to make creating dynamic documents faster and easier.
Quickly build the exact report you or your customers need:

  • Drag and Drop model content from anywhere in the Project Browser onto your document
  • Apply a built-in or custom template to extract the information you want
  • Add your own hand crafted text, images etc.
  • Drag and drop more content and add more hand crafted text
  • Complete freedom to build, customize and keep your reports and documents up to date
  • Fast, effective, flexible and easy


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Enterprise Architect SaaS is the perfect cloud based delivery solution for corporate enterprise teams using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Enterprise Architect supports a range of modeling frameworks and is the tool of choice for over one million users across the world.

Enterprise Architect SaaS deployment allows medium to large teams to quickly start and scale their modeling efforts without any internal operational overheads.

Traditionally, Enterprise Architect is deployed on site to end users’ machines and connects to a remote database. This can incur quite extensive deployment time, efforts and costs for larger organizations in terms of internal provision of infrastructure, setup and maintenance of software and databases.

With more teams moving to a 'Cloud First' strategy, the 'On Premises' setup is becoming obsolete. Enterprise Architect SaaS allows users to get on-boarded and start working almost immediately.

  • Fast on boarding, start modeling sooner
  • No setup overheads
  • Highly Secure AWS, Azure-based solutions
  • SSO-based user management
  • Effortless scaling
  • 5x faster deployment


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  • Addition of Annotation Elements as cloneable artifacts
  • Inclusion of proxy connector end points
  • New Clone Conflict resolution dialog
  • New stored information to better track artifact lineages


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Model diagrams can now be published in high quality Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) generated from diagrams in Enterprise Architect.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) may be resized for the highest quality printing and publishing needs
Excellent image quality across different resolutions/sizes
Easily added to reports, books, specifications & etc


  • Major improvements to Document Generation performance
  • Produce detailed reports in record time
  • Performance gains of up to 100%
  • Leverage the powerful report capabilities in Enterprise Architect
  • Work faster. Get more done!


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Enterprise Architect stores preferences, workspaces, themes and other custom settings and resources in two major locations; the Windows Registry and the Windows "Appdata" directory. These are robust and industry standard methods. However in some cases it is convenient to place this information in a more accessible and more manageable location, usually to allow easier management, duplication, and persistence across platforms.

When using alternate storage locations for preferences and application data it is now possible to:

  • Backup and restore settings with ease
  • Set up multiple configurations on the same client PC
  • Preconfigure a PC with company approved settings
  • Preconfigure a PC with additional themes, workspaces, technologies
  • Move settings and preferences between machines

Trainers can:

  • Preconfigure their training machines with ease
  • Roll back to a base state after a session with minimal effort

Companies and Application Installers can:

  • Set up company approved installations
  • Pre-install technologies themes/workspaces
  • Roll back unwanted or unexpected user changes with ease
  • Roll back to a baseline installation
  • Set up Enterprise Architect in Secure / Sand-Boxed environments like Docker
  • Decouple Enterprise Architect's major settings and persistent application data from the local system/hard drive(s)


Improved Code Engineering/Code Editor to support for Java's new version up to Java 17/18
Code engineering enhanced to support C# 10's newest features

  1. Record Structure
  2. Global using directive
  3. New interpolated string format
  4. File scoped namespace

Lambda expression: (1) explicit return type; (2) attribute within lambda expression.

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New Model wizard patterns for:

  • Data Miner
  • Dynamic Charts
  • ESM
  • Glossary

Patterns plus new perspective ("UML Behavioral") for Dynamic UML technology

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Other Improvements and Enhancements

  • Improvements to RTFs for
    • UPDM Example Model
    • SysML block with 4 parts
  • QEA file support enhanced to support compacting



Enhanced load balancing and optimization of communications between Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server
Version 16.1 of Enterprise Architect includes many changes to improve and manage communication with Pro Cloud Server instances.

  • Load balancing and intelligent client throttling ensure optimal individual connectivity while supporting large teams of concurrent modelers.
  • New strategies to enhance the modeling experience when using Enterprise Architect over high latency (slow) networks
  • New approaches to handling error conditions and disruptions

Restructuring memory usage in Prp Cloud Server and Enterprise Architect to provide less load during high usage scenarios such as XMI model import


XMI Import and Export performance and stability when using Enterprise Architect connected to a Pro Cloud Server has been significantly improved with the release of version 16.1 across all supported XMI formats including XMI 1.1, XMI 2.1, Native XMI and XEA.

  • Fine tuned behavior of very large XML/Model imports for improved speed and reliability
  • Adjusted memory management during import to reduce overall load
  • Custom optimizations to leverage Pro Cloud Server capabilities and improve import speeds
  • Performance tuning to improve speed and reliability to and from the Pro Cloud Server over slow networks

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Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Prolaborate Microsoft Teams Integration enables sharing real-time modeling information from your Enterprise Architect models to a Microsoft Teams User via Chat

Open Community Access (OCA)

  • Open Community Access allows read-only access to anyone in the organization using short URLs
  • This feature allows an organization wide ‘Wiki’ based on model information
  • Due to security concerns, OCA is available only for an ‘On Premise’ environment
  • For Cloud environment, the users can purchase read-only licenses to obtain the same benefit

Domain Access Management

  • The feature allows admins to control application access (Whitelist or Blacklist) based on Domain Names or IP Addresses

O365 Outlook Mail Configuration

  • Organizations using Office 365 based email addresses can configure Microsoft’s security attributes in Mailer settings page to receive email notifications for actions performed in Prolaborate

Login History

  • View the user's session information such as log-in date & time, log-out date & time and more

Publish Model in Atlassian Confluence Cloud

  • Publish Prolaborate model content from Prolaborate V4 to Confluence Cloud
  • Migration functionality is added to migrate existing integration from Prolaborate V3 to V4

Migrate Prolaborate Model Content - Atlassian Confluence

  • Migrate Prolaborate model content in Atlassian Confluence seamless

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Additional Resources

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