Together with MDG technology for DDS, Enterprise Architect delivers a powerful, low-cost design environment for creating complex data-centric publish/subscribe services for real-time applications.

  • Specify DDS Domains, Participants and QoS Policies
  • Create heterogeneous DDS applications
  • Generate executable RTIDDS code using MDA (Model Driven Architecture) style transformation
  • Visualize & trace requirements to DDS entities
  • Built-in Discussion Forum: Create posts, access discussions, threads for team communication
  • Custom Search Facility: Perform complex detailed searches, view Topic/Domain bindings, application usages
  • Support for XMI 2.0, XMI 2.1, and UML 2.x

You can find more information here: MDG-Technology for DDS User Guide

This Plugin is with Enterprise Architect Version 7.5 a part of following Products:
Ultimate or Unified Edition
Which product fullfills your needs, take a look onto our EA Feature Matrix

Download the Trial Edition to experience the fully functional 30-day trial version of MDG Integration, or purchase the full version of MDG Technology for DDS.
Note: Version 2.0 of the MDG Technology for DDS requires Enterprise Architect version 7.5 - to gain access to the MDG Technology for DDS v1.0 which is 7.1 compatible please download the previous installer.

Before downloading the MDG Integration for DDS please ensure that the following software is installed on the system:

  • Enterprise Architect Version 7.5 (Build 842 or later) Professional and Corporate Editions only.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
  • RTI Data Distribution Service - NDDS 4.3 (or higher)