Light and agile bridge linking Enterprise Architect and Eclipse

The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Link for Eclipse provides an integrated solution for users of the Professional and Corporate versions of Enterprise Architect and Eclipse. With a host of new features the MDG Link for Eclipse enhances user productivity.

Simple, Efficient Navigation between EA and Eclipse

With the MDG Link for Eclipse, navigating between EA and Eclipse is enhanced. Simple key combinations take the user directly from the EA model to the specific location in the code in Eclipse. 

Key Features

  • Tight integration between Enterprise Architect and Eclipse 
  • Forward and Reverse Code Engineering - Support for Java 
  • Simple and efficient navigation between code and model. 
  • Support for different development configurations 
  • Build and run projects from within Enterprise Architect 
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Download the Trial Edition to experience the fully functional 30 day trial version of the MDG Link for Visual Eclipse or purchase the full version.       

MDG Link has been retired as of EA 14. The add-in is explicitly no longer being loaded by EA. The ability to import and synchronize Visual Studio projects is now a built-in feature.
In EA 15.2, you can find this feature under the  Ribbon : Develop > Source Code > Solutions > Import a <project type>
This Plugin is with Enterprise Architect Version 12 a part of all Editions