Simple, easy to use link between Enterprise Architect and IBM Rational's DOORS
The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Link for DOORS provides a lightweight bridge for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and IBM Rationals DOORS®. MDG Link for DOORS users can now combine requirements created in DOORS® with the power of UML2.x. The requirements import feature allows EA projects to develop and grow in line with the requirement specifications defined in DOORS®.
Implemented bi-directional support for DOORS Link since Build 3.0.

        Import objects from Doors to Enterprise Architect
        Import links within a module as connectors
        Import external link (without physical file) as an attachment
        Import external link (with physical file) as an attachment or artifact
        Import additional properties as tagged values
        Import object discussions as element discussions and comments
        Update and sync imported element details
        Import the hierarchy of DOORS objects into EA
        Import of links, external link and discussion are optional
        importer now offers selection for Enterprise Architect Element type and Stereotype
        Importer now imports tables and pictures
        Importer now supports importing links from across multiple DOORS modules
        Importer status window now shows the Object Identifiers for each object imported

        Allows the creation of export profiles
        Export Requirements or Use Case from Enterprise Architect to Doors
        Export connectors as links
        Export attachments as external links
        Export tagged values to mapped fields
        Update and sync exported element details
        Export the hierarchy of Enterprise Architect elements into DOORS
        Export of links and external links are optional

PLEASE NOTE: Since Version 3.0 ist the MDG Link free of Charge, it is no License Key necessary. The connection for Doors NG is now possible as integration plugin within the ProCloudServer

Before downloading the MDG Link for DOORS® please ensure that the following software is installed on the system:

  • DOORS® Version 9.6.1 and higher
  • Enterprise Architect Version 15.1 Build 1528 or later