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MDG Integration for Visual Studio.NET 


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGVSINT

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Concurrent Use SKU: MDGVSINTFLOAT   

EURO 189


MDG Integration for Eclipse  


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGECLINT

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Concurrent Use SKU: MDGECLINTFLOAT

EURO 189


MDG Technologie for Microsoft Office


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGOFFICE

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Named User SKU: MDGOFFICEFLOAT

EURO 189


MDG Technologie for SysML


Basic Edition - Named User SKU:  MDGSYSML



Floating Edition - Concurrent Use SKU: MDGSYSMLFLOAT

EURO 139


MDG Technology for Zachman Framework


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGZACH 

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Concurrent Use SKU: MDGZACHFLOAT

EURO 189


MDG Technology for DDS


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGDDS

EURO 195


Floating Edition - Concurrent Use SKU: MDGDDS-FLOAT  

EURO 275


TOGAF Technology


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGTOGAF

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Concurrent User SKU: MDGTOGAF-FLOAT

EURO 189


UPDM Technology


Basic Edition - Named User SKU: MDGUPDM

EURO 139


Floating Edition - Concurrent User SKU: UPDM-FLOAT

EURO 189



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MDG Integration for Visual Studio.NET
MDG Integration brings many of the benefits and rich modeling power of Enterprise Architect and UML 2.5 to Microsoft Visual Studio. Intuitive navigation and editing of the model is provided directly inside the IDE using the EA Project Explorer. Die MDG-Integration realise roundtrip and reverse Engineering of your .NET code with just one click.

MDG Integration for Eclipse
MDG-Integration offers integration into Eclipse. Intuitive navigation and editing of the model is provided directly inside the IDE using the EA Project Explorer. At the click of a button, MDG Integration allows you to reverse engineer and generate code from UML elements using EA's template driven Code Engineering Framework.

MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET/MDG Link for Eclipse
The Model Driven Generator (MDG) Link is an integrated development environment comprising of Enterprise Architect and Visual Studio.NET or Eclipse. Navigation between EA and your IDE is enhanced with simple key combinations that take the user directly from an EA model to its corresponding code. These features are integrated since EA 12.

MDG Technology for SysML
Specify, design and analyse complex system models using SysML with Enterprise Architect. Model with all 9 SysML Diagrams XMI 2.0, 2.1 and UML 2.X support..

MDG Link for DOORS®
The Model Driven Generation (MDG) link for DOORS® provides a lightweight bridge for Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect and Telelogic?s DOORS®. The requirements import feature allows EA projects to develop and grow in line with the requirement specifications defined in DOORS®.

MDG Technology for Zachman Framework
Sparx Systems? new MDG Technology underpins the organisational viewpoints and structures of the Zachman Framework with great depth, breadth and modeling integrity. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect models are based on the UML 2.1 standard, with extensions for requirements modeling, testing, project management, mind mapping, and much more.

MDG Technology for DDS
Enterprise Architect, together with MDG technology for DDS, delivers a powerful, low-cost design environment for creating complex data-centric publish/subscribe services for real-time applications.

MDG Technology for TOGAF
Sparx Systems equips Enterprise Architect users with a model-based framework for implementing architectures using the TOGAF-8 Architecture Development.

UPDM Technology
MDG Technology for UPDM integrates tightly with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and provides a model-based framework for planning, designing and implementing Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM) architectures.

MDG Integration for TcSE
Take advantage of support for MDA transformations, Baseline management and Architectural Frameworks such as Zachman, DoDAF and TOGAF. A rich and compelling modeling platform based on UML and related specifications, right inside Teamcenter Systems Engineering.

Basic License

The Basic License is based on named user limitation; you may use your license on several PC's (e.g. home office, laptop, company desktop, etc.) but not at the same time, or by different users.

Desktop und Professional Edition are only available as Basic Licence.

Floating License

Floating licenses are suitable for companies that wish to automate the management of EA registration keys, providing the facility to administer the licenses via the Sparx Enterprise Key Store. You can use EA on your laptop without a connection to the Licence Server. This is a free service with the purchase of floating licenses.

The Sparx Systems Key Store application is used to administer floating license keys. The Key Store application allows the key administrator to define two different modes of operation: one mode is with an auto check-in and check-out facility. The other mode of operation allows the administrator to define a time limit for each floating license key; this time limit should be set according to the user's needs. After this pre-set time limit has passed, the key will expire and automatically be returned to the Key Store, making the key available for other users. Each time a user accesses EA and has access to the network file location containing the key store file, the time limit on the key is extended to the original time defined by the key administrator.

Find more information in the Key Store Description.

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