Enterprise Architect Free Trial Version

Start working right away.
This trial version has all of the great features of the registered versions. Any models you create with the trial version are fully compatible with registered versions if you later decide to purchase.

Try whichever edition suits you!
When you start Enterprise Architect Trial you will be asked whether you wish to use Desktop, Professional, Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate mode - allowing you to find the right Enterprise Architect edition for you.

Note: When printing documents with the trial version an Enterprise Architect watermark is visible. Purchasing the full version will remove this watermark.

Attention: If you have already installed a full version, please follow the instructions here.

save EA Trial Version

Further informaions about Linux, or Mac Installation at: Installing Enterprise Architect Site

Additional Resources

If you wish to trial the Corporate edition of EA using any of the supported model repositories, you will need to download and run the appropriate database SQL script from the Corporate Edition resources.

User Security in the Trial Version
User Security is a feature of the Corporate Edition of Enterprise Architect. If you wish to enable and test user security in your trial version, you will require the following key: {C27378C8-6CD8-4efa-92F8-4E0E4F1A8B65}

Enterprise Architect Help
If you want to find out more about Enterprise Architect without downloading the full package, download the help files for a review of the features and power of this tool. If you experience problems loading the .CHM help file, you may need the HTML Help install files .
Note: The helpfiles are not updated with every new release of EA, but are updated on a regular basis to keep abreast of new EA features. 

Download the EA Help. PDF file here.
View in HTML format online at www.sparxsystems.com.au/EAUserGuide.

EA Viewer
The EA Viewer is a read-only version of EA intended for distribution with UML models, to staff or to customers. The read-only version supports all viewing functions, however documentation generation and all 'update' ability has been disabled.