Pro Cloud Server & WebEA

Create Collaborate Share Review Integrate

An all new cloud based platform that dynamically transforms your Enterprise Architect models into live web based content for unlimited access locally on your own LAN or globally over the Internet.
Sparx Systems new Pro Cloud Server radically transforms the value of modeling and design and opens up your models in exciting new ways.

•    Instant access to your models across your entire organization
•    Instant access from Enterprise Architect to create, model and design as always
•    Unlimited web users, reviewers and collaborators supported
•    No publishing required. Always the latest version. Always up to date
•    Review, discuss, assign resources & file bugs
•    Create requirements and much more in a mobile friendly-web based interface
•    Connect your enterprise to your model via the RESTful OSLC interface
•    Fast and easy to use. Involve everybody!
•    Totally integrates You, Your Team, Your Organisation and the World