Technology Developers are users of EA who seek to create customized additions to the functionality that is already present within EA. These additions include UML Profiles, UML Patterns, Code Templates, Tagged Value Types, MDG Technologies and EA Add-Ins. By creating these extensions the Technology developer can customize the EA modeling process to specific tasks and speed up the development.

UML Profiles
By creating UML Profiles the technology developer can create a customized extension for building UML models that are specific to a particular domain. Profiles are stored as XML files and may be imported into any model as required.

UML Patterns
Patterns are sets of collaborating objects and classes that provide a generic template for repeatable solutions to modeling problems. As patterns are discovered in any new project, the basic pattern template may be created. Patterns can be re-used with the appropriate variable names modified for any future project.

Code Templates
Code templates are used to customize the output of source code generated by EA. This allows for the generation of code languages not specifically supported by EA and allows the user to define the way EA generates source code to comply with their own company style guidelines.

Tagged Values
Tagged values are used in EA to specify additional information about elements. They are used to extend the information relating to an element outside of the information directly supported by the UML language. Often tagged values are used during code generation process, or by other tools to pass on information that is used to operate on elements in particular ways.

MDG Technologies
MDG Technologies may be used to create a logical collection of resources that may contain UML Profiles, Patterns, Code Templates, Image files and Tagged Value types that can be accessed from a single point in the Resource view.

EA Add-In
EA Add-Ins allows users to build their own functionality into EA, creating their own mini programs which can extend the capabilities of EA, defining their own menus, and creating their own Custom Views.