Performance and Security

Version 14 is now compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to ensure ongoing support for critical issues/patches and security updates issued by Microsoft. Both the Cloud Server and Enterprise Architect have been moved to the latest version to ensure the best performance and security on Windows based platforms.

New Versions!

Significantly expanded installer includes a huge range of new content, reworked and updated add-ins, new tools and useful information. Many additional or advanced capabilities can be unlocked with a key without any further download of software or plug-ins

  • Desktop edition has been retired. Free upgrades to the Professional version will be given to current holders of the desktop edition. Contact Sales for more information
  • Professional edition now includes support for connecting to Cloud Based models (with some limitations)
  • Professional Floating licenses are now available for purchase
  • Corporate edition includes numerous new features
  • Systems Engineering and  Business and Software Engineering editions have been joined together into the Unified Edition. This includes many new capabilities and a rich palette of patterns and useful tooling.
  • Ultimate edition now includes all downloaded assets in one easy installer, plus numerous other enhancements
  • The four versions and their floating equivalent will also come with a price restructure. Pricing details to be announced.
  • For a summary of the new editions and their pricing please see the editions page

Updated Key Format

At Sparx Systems' discretion, we are planning to update the key format for Enterprise Architect v14. This may mean that keys purchased for any previous version may not work with the new version. New keys will be issued to organizations who are renewing or are within their support and maintenance period and wish to install version 14 of Enterprise Architect

Three Year Expiry

At Sparx Systems' discretion, we are planning to implement a three year rule when it comes to the renewal of licenses.

If a license has not been renewed with a maximum three year period since its date of purchase, it will no longer be eligible for renewal, and a new license will have to be purchased.

Did you know that you can purchase up to five years of renewals in advance? This allows for easy budgeting and funding, as one transaction could last the entire lifetime of your project. Contact our sales team to discuss your licensing needs today.