With Enterprise Architect 14, all Element compartments are turned on by default. Meaning if you drag and drop a child element onto a parent, a structured compartment is created and the child element is bound to the compartment.
Elements can now also be configured to allow port binding on compartments

SYSml Conformance

All SysML diagrams in Enterprise Architect now display a diagram frame by default. This frame expands automatically as the diagram area increases:


As a part of the new Dynamic Properties windows, a new dynamic SysML properties window has been added to give you instant access to the most widely used SysML related properties

Other Conformance Improvements
•Classifier behavior has now been added and can be set via the Element Details property tab
•Behaviors have been updated to correctly display parameters when drawn within a compartment
•Casing on multiple compartment names to conform with the SysML1.5 specification
•Bound references can now display the binding path when displayed in a compartment
•All SysML elements can display the AllocateTo and AllocateFrom compartment
•UseCase Extends connector can display a condition by adding a constraint to the connector with the type 'Condition'
•Ports on an Internal Block / Parametric Diagram can display compartments from their classifying object
•Port names can now be displayed within the Port if 'Show Compartments' is enabled
•Inherited properties will now display with the caret (^) symbol before the name