The new and enhanced collaborative features in Enterprise Architect 14 help you work together as an effective team. Chat, discuss and review design decisions and model solutions. Keep a personal daily Journal to record ideas, notes and other useful information.

  • Discuss elements, diagrams and other model material
  • Use Formal Reviews engaging both the team and other stakeholders, both local and remote
  • Chat with other modelers in real-time about developing modeling issues
  • Journal your daily observations, notes and other personal information


An informal and relaxed way to raise issues, discuss general points and communicate with team members concerning issues not directly related to specific model items.


Stay on top of the model as it develops. Talk about specific model elements, raise issues, suggest refinements, highlight important impacts


Get everyone on board to review and formally discuss the model. Involve your stakeholders, involve WebEA users, involve customers, get feedback and ensure your project is on track and moving forward.


Throw away the scraps of paper and personal notes to self!
The new daily Journal lets you type in a personal stream of consciousness - ideas, comments, notes, suggestions, events, to do lists and more. A great way to keep the momentum flowing day to day.

  • Easy access from the Start Ribbon
  • Simple usable plain text with formatting keys
  • Great for all personal ideas, thoughts, notes to self
  • Day to a row simple entry

Team Libary

Superseding the Team Review, this facility now focuses on being a library of shared documents, files, guidance material, specification documents, informal notes, binary resources and more built into your model.

Access from the Ribbons: Start | Collaborate | Team Library

  • Supports cloud based connections
  • Store any type of file
  • Files are stored directly in the repository
  • Links to Web Pages can be incorporated opening remote resources when launched
  • Store common material such as PDF based specifications
  • Retrieve from the model and display with one-click
  • Use one Team Library across multiple models for easy sharing of common resources