BPSim Simulation Improvements

BPSim has received some significant usability enhancements that make this feature more engaging and accessible. The ability to step through and play back simulations at varying time scales greatly improves the visibility of how the simulation executed and the values and events that occurred during the simulation

New Features Include:

  • Replay-Simulation with following features: ◦Automatically Run with controllable speed;
    ◦Step Run
    ◦Drag the slide bar to forward or backward to a specific time and play from there
    ◦Token activation monitor and full log during simulation
    ◦Property Value monitor and full log during simulation
    ◦Resource Event monitor and full log during simulation

Fast configuration for Simulation, start the BPMN simulation with only a few clicks:

  • Batch ProcessingTime on all Tasks
  • Default TriggerCount on StartEvent
  • Default Start, Duration, TimeUnit

DMN (Decision Modeling Notation)

New, extensive and highly effective support for the Decision Modeling Notation standard.

Built from the ground up, the new support for DMN is extremely comprehensive and provides modelers with an exciting and tightly integrated new feature that supports rule based decision modeling in a standards compliant manner allowing for various simulations, integrations and code generation outputs useful for defining rules and for generating the implementation code to evaluate those rules.

Notation support inclues hierarchical rule sets, and highly effective and specialized editors to manage and evaluate rule sets. Configuration tools and more allow the modeler to integrate DMN sets within simulatable state charts to procedurally govern state changes according to DMN defined rule sets and hierarchies of rule sets.


Greatly enhanced support for NIEM and the new NIEM 4 specification. Improved modeling and schema generation capabilities make Enterprise Architect 14 a solid choice for using NIEM as a core modeling and data definition protocol.

Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN)

Model common case management practices expressing essential flexibility for case workers

You can now model unpredictable work flows in situation where the events evolve differently each time a process is invoked. It can be used as a companion to BPMN and DMN

  • Model unpredictable work flows
  • Avoid needing to declare the sequence of activities
  • Focus on data centric activities
  • As a Knowledge worker to define the way you work
  • Use it with any discipline where information and discretion play a roles in how a case is managed


Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)

Enterprise Architect now supports the Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML).

It is designed for expressing the content, user interaction and control behaviour of the front-end of software applications in the following domains:

  • HTML+HTTP based Web applications
  • Rich Internet Applications, as supported by the HTML 5 standard
  • Mobile applications
  • Client-server applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Embedded Human Machine Interfaces for control applications
  • Multichannel and context-aware applications