Sparx Systems is proud to announce the beta release of Enterprise Architect 9.0

This milestone release introduces hundreds of productivity enhancements and new technologies such as the new Personal Manager, Project Calendar, Hand Drawn rendering, BPMN 2 support and much, much more

In the following excerpt the new features:

The Modeling Experience
Hand Drawn mode lets you work in a less rigorous and more conceptual mental frame. Simulates hand drawn diagrams to help let your imagination run free.
Expanded diagram filters support, new easy to use orthogonal line styles, line jogs over intersecting line points, a great new Win32 UI technology and a host of other modeling tools make this a truly remarkable release - focused on delivering quality results!

New Productivity Tools
Many enhancements to the version control capabilities, XMI round-trip, support for ECore (EMF) and other platforms. Additional cross package dependency checking when managing large distributed projects under version control. Lots of updates for C++, C#, Java, VB.Net. New Document Template editor to streamline the process of creating report templates

All features are provided in the Release History.

The Enterprise Experience
A suite of new and expanded tools to help keep your team and your project on track and on budget. A Project Calendar to track events, milestones and resource allocations, Gantt charts to track allocated resources against elements; and the new Personal Information manager to exchange "model mail" and manage your allocated work. Add to this the Gap Analysis matrix and an all new Whiteboard technology, plus many more team focused enhancements!

New Modeling Languages

BPMN 2.0 including Conversation, Collaboration and Choreography diagrams
•BPEL 2.0 generation from BPMN 2.0 models
SOMF 2.1 profile for cloud computing
SysML 1.2
Win32 UI Technology

New Analysis and Testing Tools
All new Test Points and Test Cuts - support xUnit like behavior layered on top of existing code. Record test sets from executing code and define your own invariants and pre-conditions and post-conditions. Model Simulation of behavioral diagrams - walk through your diagram from the model simulator! Lots of updates and enhancements to the visual execution analyzer - debugging tools, recording and profiling.